Trekking in Nepal

Welcome to Nepal with Himalayan Unforgettable Adventure!

For anyone who loves mountains, life simply doesn’t get any better than a trek through the Nepal Himalayas. The world’s highest mountain range defines everything in Nepal, from its topography and its weather to its religion and trade. It’s also home to the grandest mountain scenery you’ll ever see. There are no roads once one gets into the most magnificent places. Just trails which have been used for foot, yak and horse traffic for hundreds or even thousands of years. Many times, one can see and feel the ancient cultures which are still intact here. What you soon realize is that the rich culture and custom’s of Nepal’s myriad people and their unswerving good humor is as big a draw as the peaks themselves. As the slogan goes, one trip to Nepal is rarely enough. 

Nepal is a safe and welcoming country to visit, and tourism supports both local economies and reconstruction efforts across the country from April 2015's catastrophic earthquake. Himalayan Unforgettable Adventure believes in giving back to its community and donates 10 percent of all our profits to committees within the Tamang region.

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"Visit Nepal year' planned for 2020  :

As the government has set a target to bring in two million tourists each year by 2020, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) has planned to organize ‘Visit Nepal Year’ in 2020 to attract more tourists to the country. More news will be unveiled soon by the Tourism Minister Jitendra Narayan Dev.

Nepal is a safe and welcoming country to visit, and tourism supports both the local economy and rebuilding efforts around the country. 

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