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Himalayan Unforgettable Adventures is a as a Treks and TREKKING IN THE NEPAL HIMALAYA". It is well experienced and professional Nepal based Government registered trekking and holiday tours operator company offers all kind of adventure travel activities including trekking, hiking, travel and tours, peak climbing, mountaineering, cultural tours, sightseeing tours, motorbike tours, mountain biking, river rafting, paragliding, Bungy jumping, Eco trip, jungle safari, mountain flight, Ticketing and much more holiday trips for individual, families and small groups and large parties. We also have special package trips for students groups and larger parties such as travel agents, airlines crews and corporate holiday tour and so on. Besides Nepal, our company is also offering trekking and tours into Tibet, Bhutan, and India (Sikkim, Darjeeling, and Ladakh). We offer a first-rate level of personalized tour and travel services, and our careful on-the-ground planning demonstrates a genuine understanding of the needs and desires of each individual client with a commitment to achieving the perfect bespoke itinerary. Himalayan Unforgettable Adventures doesn’t want our guests to simply be “tourists”…we want you to experience the real people and culture of the country you are visiting. This includes meals with local families, spending time in our partner villages, walking through local markets, meeting business owners, exploring religion and art, and connecting to people as individuals. We want you to never forget the people and places you encounter on our trips.

 We hold an excellent record of customer satisfaction in more than 20 years of experience in the Himalayas. Our services surpass those offered by international adventure companies because we have detailed and personal knowledge that comes with growing up and living in the mountainous areas of Nepal. We place particular emphasis  on quality services, care for our guests and attention to detail. As well as being motivated to provide an enjoyable experience the safety and well being of our clients is our greatest responsibility.

Himalayan Unforgettable Adventures has worked hard to create a program that gives back in a number of ways. We want everyone involved with us to feel good about traveling with us and connecting to the local culture. We have some really exciting trips on the horizon and hope that you will consider joining us in our mission of “moving forward by giving back…” 

Social Responsibility

Himalayan Unforgettable Adventures is a very socially oriented organization. From the very beginning of its establishment, we were actively involved in the organization of several social welfare projects. No doubt, we are professionals in the trekking and tourism business. However, we are also guided by a philosophy that tourism can be defined as an important creative force in order to create awareness about the importance of maintaining the pristine environment among locals. We believe that with tourism, not only tourists but also locals can learn how to minimize pollution, and come to realize the importance of local cultures, religion and heritage in this era of globalization. It is important to mention that a significant sum of our net profits is allocated for educational and environmental.

So far, we have centralized our social contribution mainly in two ways:

Himalayan Unforgettable Adventure Trek supports several social-oriented activities launched by the NGO Rural Tourism and Environmental Education (RTEES Nepal). We have always followed the mission of providing basic educational facilities to the remotest parts of Nepal, mainly the Rasuwa district. It is a fact that students in such areas suffer from basic educational facilities. They lack proper school buildings, furniture, reading and writing materials, library and other facilities such as toilets, clinics and sports equipment. We do donate some significant percentage of our profits to RTEES Nepal on a yearly basis. We also conduct a number of Charity Treks throughout the year so that our guests can visit and support several school or health projects. Our Charity Trek itineraries combine adventure with humanities. With us, you can experience the ever lasting memories associated not only with the great Himalayas but also humanities from the remotest communities in the world.

Environmental Responsibility
It is our strong belief that our environment is the biggest asset in our world. In believing this, Himalayan Unforgettable Adventures fosters eco-friendliness and keeps the nature in the center of focus while trekking or climbing through it. Our crews are well-trained and aware of possible impacts on the environment that tourism can create. We realize that we as professionals can play some important role in protecting and promoting a balanced ecological environment. Therefore we ensure that our expeditions comply with policies that are social, environmental and cultural friendly. It is our strong feeling that our treks can help to protect the environment by teaching locals on how to minimize pollution, protect and promote local traditions, religion and heritage. We all are in agreement that low impact trekking and climbing is the best way to preserve the beautiful and fragile places where we take you in Nepal.

Safety on the trek

Your and our employee’s safety is of utmost important to us. Safety is an important issue bearing in mind the risks of high altitude trekking and climbing. With the experience gained over the years we have adjusted our itineraries allowing enough time for acclimatization (adjusting your body to the high altitude). We are not putting anyone’s health at risk in order to reduce the number of days that are necessary for acclimatizing which not only accounts for the safety but also the success of a trek or expedition. Naturally, all our staff members are at all times covered by insurance. In the unlikely event of a serious illness or accident helicopter rescues are provided for both, our clients and staff.


We assure you the maximum degree of flexibility and will do our very best to make your dreams come true.

Himalayan Unforgettable Adventures puts special attention to a variety of itineraries. We are at all times happy to adjust or create an itinerary especially for you. This is whether you want a simple adventure or trekking experience, a combination of a cultural tour and a trek or a tailored holiday package. We will pay attention to all your specific interests and arrange any kind of trip of your desire.

In addition, what differentiates us from our competitors, at Himalayan Unforgettable Adventures you are not confronted with a minimum number of participants of a trekking or climbing group. Our minimum requirement for operation is one person. If you want to travel alone, as a couple, with your family or a bunch of friends it will be our greatest pleasure to take you through our beautiful country.

All you have to do is tell us.

Because we care, we also consider your physical condition, previous experience, age and so forth and ask you to provide a brief resume of your previous outdoor experience.

Competitive pricing

Himalayan Unforgettable Adventures offers highly competitive prices. The value for money you will get in going with us is unbeatable. However, you don’t have to take our word on it; we actually recommend our clients to look around at other trekking companies to try to find a similar package to a better price. If you make us aware of this we will sure find a solution. Being a family owned and run business we don’t resell third party offerings like many internationally based businesses but provide our own services at a fraction of the price you would have to pay to the latter.

Be our guest

In making an arrangement with us, we will take care of all your needs. From carefully designing itineraries for proper acclimatization to upholding the most scrupulous sanitary standards in food preparation our guests can feel entirely secure when trekking or climbing with us. Our fully staffed office in Kathmandu is taking care of domestic flights, ticketing, transportation, permits, visas and all other services needed for a successful trek or expedition. Our guides are well trained and have substantial and wide-ranging trekking and climbing experience as well as being attentive and responsive to local politics, language, culture and customs.

We promise you an unforgettable journey which will make you long for more, b, cause naturally, Nepal once is not enough. Come and join us for a life changing experience – with Himalayan Unforgettable Adventure! 

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