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The Guest House is a very special Tibetan, Sherpa style house with wstern comfort. Terraces set spacious flower rooms, gardens give views north across to the snow clad Himalayan range and Gatlang village beyond.The village of Gatlang is situated along the Tamang Heritage Trail and is far off the beaten track in the Langtang mountains. The village comprises nine wards, of which six form the centrally clustered village with about 300 households. About 2500 people live in Gatlang; a majority of whom (about 98%) belong to the Tamang community. This guest house is situated on the top of the village and we can easily view the beauty of nature and beauty of village.

Following the development of Tamang Heritage Trail by the “Tourism for Rural Poverty Alleviation Program” (TRPAP) in the year 2005, we felt the need to establish a teahouse in order to provide visitors in the region with basic accommodation facilities. Initially started as a homestay project, we were later approached by the TRPAP to develop it into a guest house. Since we were financially unable to construct the guesthouse on our own, the TRPAP agreed to fund the construction and provided us the needed financial assistance. Fully completed in the following year, the Paldor Peak Guest House is now the oldest and only of its kind in Gatlang without having lost its family character.

We are experts for exploring both, the main tourist destinations and destinations off the beaten trek. Whether you travel alone or in a group, want to experience village life or are on the hunt for the ultimate adrenaline rush we can fulfill your dreams. Our company has been founded and is run by Durga Tamang from the village of Gatlang. We are bringing in years of experience which we have accumulated throughout our working careers as porters and guides in the Nepalese Himalayas. We can offer you thoroughly researched and approved holiday packages ranging from a simple city tour to a fully organized mountain expedition. We always stand for professional and quality services at best value for money for a trip of a lifetime. Himalayan Unforgettable Adventures gives you the opportunity to set eyes on the world’s largest peak and a myriad of other scenic, geographic and cultural adventures. Being from the area, we also pay special attention to the Tamang Heritage Trail in the Langtang region with its unique culture and breathtaking scenery.

Intended to offer high quality services and highly competitive prices joint with the opportunity for an exposure to the amazing socio-cultural diversity of Nepal’s mountain regions, there is hardly anything you can not do with us.

And Paldo Peak region and many other Himalayn peaks. In addition, you have an easy access to exploring the typical Tamang culture in the village of Gatlang. The Paldor Peak Guest House has many features that will ensure your stay is enjoyable while trekking along the Tamang Heritage Trail or spending time with us in our beautiful villane. Service available and facility included are etc.

Come and join us for a life changing experience – Paldo Peak Guest House!

The Paldor Peak Guest house has many features that will ensure your stay is enjoyable while trekking along the Tamang Heritage Trail or spending time with us in our beautiful village. Service available and facility included are:

  • Eight comfortably furnished bed room (up to 2 beds and Double beds rooms and attach toilets)
  • Maximum accommodation capacity -35 people
  • Delicious meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner (Nepalese, Tibetan, Continental and Western) prepared by a trained chef and using mostly local and organic products available locally.
  • Hot and cold drinks
  • 24 hours electricity
  • 24 Hot water for showers
  • Dining hall situated in the sunroom
  • Chedingmo ) Parvati kunda is the religious place and it take only 40 minutes from the guest house, and Monastry 10 minutes from kunda, and cheese factory 20 minuters from monastery.
  • Lounge and patio area for relaxing and watching the surrounding views

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