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Annapurna circut trek

“Annapurna circut trek”

Donna and I had a great experience on our trek of the Annapurna circuit.  The scenery, the trail, mountain villages, and the Nepalese people were exceptional as we expected.

Himalayan Unforgettable Adventure provided the transportation, guide, porters, meals and accommodation for this adventure of a lifetime.  Everything was taken care of for us.  In spite of fuel shortages in Nepal at the time, all of the transportation was good quality, on time and flexible to let us experience life in Nepal.

Our guide was well experienced with the Annapurna circuit, but also with other treks and climbing.  He watched us closely, set an appropriate pace and monitored our health to ensure we enjoyed the trek.  He communicated well in English and explained local history, customs and stories.  We had an excellent rapport with him and enjoyed talking and joking.

The porters carried the bulk of our gear.  They did this with ease.  They too watched over us and offered assistance. By their example, they showed us how Nepalese interact with grace and respect.  As days passed, we enjoyed more time with them.  We had lots of fun with our guide and porters.

A highlight for me was the birthday celebration they organized for me with a birthday cake. 

Himalayan Unforgettable Adventure made our experience in Nepal truly "Unforgettable". 


Review By: Bill and Donna Bauer, Canada

Posted on: November 21, 2015

Ghorepani poon hill tre

“Ghorepani poon hill tre”

When we began planning our trip to Nepal in 2015 we began to quickly realise just how many decisions we were going to need to take to put together our itinerary, not least being the extensive options available to you when travelling to such an amazing country as Nepal, but also appreciating the challenges the country had faced in the months leading up to and during our trip, earthquakes, petrol and gas shortages etc.

What we were not aware of though, until being put in contact with Durga, was the real gem of Nepal, their people. Durga was recommended to us by a friend living in Nepal, and from the very first second we contacted him to help us plan our holiday we never looked back. Durga was immediately able to balance his own challenges, be they looking after his family, helping to re-build his community after the earthquakes had devastated his home or simply running his business, with our requests for guidance and advice on how best to spend our time in his great country. Durga was always very prompt with his responses, very understanding to our requests, and always provided us with numerous options that reflected our thoughts and questions. As a result he helped us put together a trip that we will never forget.

From our first meeting with Durga in Kathmandu, through to our final goodbye, (until our next visit!), Durga could not have done more to help us feel welcome, to introduce us to Nepal, and to give us the space to enjoy our time their whilst giving us the confidence at all times that everything was in hand and we need not have to worry about a thing. Durga was always planning ahead, was always on hand if we had any questions, and his quiet and unassuming style ensured we were able to relax and enjoy our adventure with every confidence that Durga had everything in control.

Durga helped us to plan our holiday which included trekking in the Annapurna area, and should we visit that area again we'd have no hesitation asking Durga to help us once more, but as he comes from the Langtang area there's no doubt we'll be visiting there one day as well.

We will return to Nepal, and Durga will be the first person to know about it, because he'll be helping us plan our next adventure!


Review By: Simon and Caroline, British Indian Ocean Territory

Posted on: November 21, 2015

Annapurna circut trek

“Annapurna circut trek”

In October 2015, my husband and I went trekking in Nepal with our friends Bill and Donna.  We were a private group and originally our plan was to hike the Langtang valley.  We decided to book our trek through Durga Tamang who runs Himalayan Unforgettable Adventures.  He was recommended by the Lonely Planet guide book to Nepal.

It turned out to be a very difficult year for Nepal.  The devastating earthquake in April 2015 caused extensive damage in many parts of Nepal, but in particular to the Langtang Valley.  Durga was able to suggest alternative treks that we could do that had been unaffected by the earthquake.  At our suggestion and with our input, he helped us organize a personalized trek on the Annapurna Circuit.   Very close to our departure date, we were faced with the problem of fuel shortages in Nepal. Conversations with Durga assured us that we would still be able to follow through with our plan.

Durga is a very gracious and kind man.  He personally took us on some tours of Kathmandu, including a visit to a Buddhist Monastery where we met people from Durga's home village of Gatlang in the Langtang Valley. 

Durga was unable to guide us on our trek as he was going to his village with volunteers who would be helping to rebuild homes that were damaged in the earthquake.  He provided us with an superb guide, who took excellent care of us, especially in regard to the altitude concerns.  He was a wealth of information and was very fun to be with. We enjoyed the company of our three young porters who not only carried our gear but also took very care of us and worked hard to communicate in English with us so as to improve their language skills.   It was very special for us that we were able to learn so much about the Nepalese way of life from our guide and porters.

Our trek on the Annapurna Circuit was nothing short of fantastic: the scenery, the people and their culture.  Despite all the challenges that Nepal was faced with, Durga provided a service that went very smoothly and without any problems.   We would definitely consider returning to Nepal and having Durga show us more of his amazing country.  We would highly recommend to anyone Himalayan Unforgettable Adventures as a trekking company in Nepal. 





Review By: Anne and Harry Range, Canada

Posted on: November 07, 2015

Langtang Valley trek

“Langtang Valley trek”

I just finished the Langtang Valley trek with Durga Tamang as my guide and Nima Lama as my smiling hard-working porter. Unfortunately, the weather was uncooperative – constant clouds, drizzle, mist – making mountain views elusive. (But even with that, I got some looks at Langtang Lirung and the various mountains at the head of the Langtang valley. Also, the misty weather provided a rather magical atmosphere. I had a lovely afternoon meditating in the Kyanjin Gompa monastery.) Durga has looked after me and kept me out of harm’s way from the moment I arrived in Kathmandu. He’s gracefully adapted the standard trek itinerary to my 67 year old body a number of times. He always considers and answers thoughtfully my many questions.

He also set up a short-term (2 week) volunteer position for me at the school in Gatlang. I was teaching English to the 9th and 10th levels. Durga and Nima also organized a special English class for monks for me to teach because of my interest in local Buddhist practice. It’s been really gratifying to start feeling part of the Gatlang community through this. As I walk through the village or up to Paraviti Kunda, many people now greet me by name. I do have to say, though, that some of the teaching has been quite challenging. For whatever reason (at least partly due to my own low level of experience as an English as a 2nd language teacher), I’ve had a very hard time working with the 9th level students. So, if you follow up on volunteering in the school, I suggest you do what you can to prepare yourself. My experience was that the “official” textbook level of learning is far beyond the students’ actual level of English. With the 9th level, my greatest successes were with word games. Grammar and textbook exercises were not very successful. Also, there is a lot of age, motivation, and English knowledge diversity within each grade level. I think it’s helpful to be prepared for that and, to some degree, be ready to roll with it. Having said all that, I want to also say that I think it’s wonderful that Durga has organized the very flexible (and very low cost) volunteering opportunity. Check out the volunteer page of the website and write Durga with questions.

Review By: Mike, United States

Posted on: August 04, 2015

Nous sommes passes de village en village

“Nous sommes passes de village en village”

Le treck etait super! Nous sommes passes de village en village, les paysages sont magnifiques. Nous avons vu les differents métiers, des tisseuses, des bergers, des gens dans les cultures, le travail se fait a l’ancienne, c’ est tres interessant. Le soir nous logions dans des lodges chez des gens tres sympas, nous avons pu voir comment ils cuisinaient. J ai adore les sources chaudes après une journee de treck , c etait genial.

Very nice trip with Durga! A very committed guy, native from Gatlang with an amazing knowledge from the region. We were feeling very comfortable and confident all along the trek, and we enjoy sharing our impressions with him. Fabulous trek with views over the valleys and the mountains moving with the weather! High diversity of landscapes, and whatever the weather is, you could always enjoy something as you will move through villages with secularly traditions. Accommodations in the guesthouses are nice for exchanges with local population. We highly recommend the professionalism of Durga and especially Tamang Treck. Antilia and Luc from France.

[Jeanne] Sadly, we have now reached the last night of our time on the Tamang Heritage Trail. We are currently sitting in a cozy kitchen of a local homestay, drinking tea, and watching the preparation of dal bhat on a proper open fire place. Over the last days we have walked “up, up, up” and “down, down, down”, seen amazing landscapes, and experienced local culture and wildlife. All this would not have been possible without Durga Tamang and his company Himalayan Unforgettable Adventures. Not only has he promoted the Tamang Heritage Trek from the very beginning and set up important projects in his community (such as education on pollution and “Cleaning Up Trekking”), he has also been the one to open up the Tamang culture for us. Through him and his connections with the local people (who all seem to know him), we have been able to see different monasteries, carpet manufactures, a Yak cheese factory, a local school and most importantly understand the Tamang way of life with its traditions and challenges. At every moment, we have felt secure and welcome, and Durga and his team of porters have enabled us to enjoy our trek and make the most of our time in the Langtang area. We want to thank Durga for everything he has made possible and encourage everyone to go on an adventure with him and his company, whether it might be in the Langtang area or in any other part of Nepal.

Review By: Jeanne, Jenny and Sarah, Luxembourg

Posted on: June 09, 2015

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