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Langtang and Gosaikunda Trek 2016

“Langtang and Gosaikunda Trek 2016”

Choosing to have Durga guide my trekking partner and I was one of the best decisions Ive ever made. We trekked Langtang valley at the end of monsoon season and truly experienced the culture of the Nepali and Tibetan. Plus, you can't beat looking and hiking through those peaks 10/10 all the way!


I have recently completed one of the most memorable adventures of my life. I do not say this lightly because I am one for exploring my limits and discovering new ways to adventure. This adventure entailed journeying off into the Himalayan Mountains of the Langtang region in Nepal.

My trekking partner and I originally planned to do the trek solo with no guides and a loose schedule on a tight time frame. This plan indeed would’ve given us an adventure, but it wouldn’t have even compared to the guided trek we eventually went on. As we arrived into Kathmandu, we realized that we were really intrigued with the culture and activities put on by the Nepali people and we began exploring the option of having a guide on our trek. As college students, we already had a small budget and every agency we came across had rates that were way to expensive. We were about to give up and go solo until we met Durga Tamang, owner of Himalayan Unforgettable Adventures. As we explained our situation to Durga, he became very understanding of our situation and gave us a rate we couldn’t refuse. Immediately we saw that Durga cared and wanted to give us an adventure of a lifetime, as well as show off his beautiful country to some scruffy college guys who had a passion for the mountains.


Durga took care of everything that would’ve caused stress on our adventure. He took care of bus tickets, securing rooms at teahouses at various villages and helped translate in various situations. Not only that but because he was a local from the Langtang region, he happened to have various connections that gave us further insight towards the Nepali culture. As we hiked he taught us the language, taught us traditions, taught us about his religion, as well as the history of the land we were hiking through.


Durga became part of our family on this trek, we shared every experience together, and where most guides walk you through the experiences, Durga became part of the experience, he made every scenario special by becoming part of our team. He too experienced our adventures through our eyes. It almost felt like he was experiencing our trek for the very first time. He never took away from the adventure, only added to it.


Durga also adapted the trek to our physical abilities. Having a guide meant we always knew how far our next destination and weather or not we could go further. When trekking through a foreign land, multiple questions arise and with a guide, those answers are always fulfilled with an authentic answer rather than looking in any book.


To prove how much I knew Durga Tamang cared about us, our experience, and our quest for an unforgettable adventure I am going to share my most memorable experience. Before coming to Nepal, my father passed away, and one of my goals on the trek was to make peace with this fact, I was able to accomplish this because of Durga. Towards the end of the trek we hiked to Gosainkunda lake (about 4200 meters) this sacred lake was breathtaking, and I knew this was the place I was going to make my peace, but I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to do this. Durga had known my situation and came up with the Idea that I should hang some prayer flags for him, and he had the perfect spot. So at 5am the next morning Durga and I hiked up to a peak above the lake (about 4600 Meters) and hung flags at the top. On top of that Durga began to preform a ceremony that the Buddhist


religion uses, and it was beautiful, he also said kind words and allowed me to say some as well. This single experience made my trip, I felt so loved, and so happy to be in this beautiful land. Without Durga, I would’ve never experience that peace I was looking for, and for that I am truly grateful.


After the trek, Durga continued to guide us. Now that may sound weird but he wanted to continue our unforgettable experience, by taking us to hidden gems within Kathmandu, that we would’ve never seen. This was a sign of true friendship and genuine excellence as a human being. Furthermore he even brought us to his home and introduced us to his family and offered us a seat at his table.


Through his dedication, his personality, and the longing desire of creating the perfect trip, Durga Tamang truly gave us an UNFORGETTABLE adventure. And with that said I highly recommend and hope you chose Himalayan Unforgettable Adventures as your agency for the beautiful land of Nepal.


For those of you who have questions about the effects of the 2015 Earthquake, you can obviously see the destruction and damage it caused; yet you can also see the determination of the community to rebuild and regain a quality of life. Because tourism is their main source of income, trekkers are needed more than ever, and they all strive to make your experience unforgettable. The trails are clear and the people are happy, so go out and adventure!

-Noah Willison, Age 20

Review By: Noah Willison, United States

Posted on: February 23, 2017

Langtang villay Trek

“Langtang villay Trek”

"Langtang valley Trek" 

Mar 28th 2016 Namaste: We really enjoyed out trip to Langtang with you Durga Tamang. Everything was planned perfectly and we were thrilled to get the whole family  onto the top of Kyanjin Ri. Langtang is safe now. 
Stuart, Belinda Family 

Review By: Stuart, Belinda Family, Singapore

Posted on: June 08, 2016

Tamang Heritage Trail

“Tamang Heritage Trail”

"Tamang Heritage Trek"

May 17 2016 Namaste: Overall our experience in Nepal with you was really amazing, the days we spend in the Tamang Valley, walking around that beautiful views of mountain peaks, forests and little villages were the best part of our trip. It felt amazing that after the earthquake we were practically the only ones there and also to have the opportunity to meet the people that offered their roof to sleep. All families  were really kind to us, and offered anything we need and a chance to get a glimpse of what it is to live in such place. Sure Nepal is quite a hard experience and we needed some time to adapt, but thanks to you and Nima it was a lot more easier. So I totally recommend it to anyone! and for sure walking around the mountains is something people shouldn't miss! Oriol fonos, Susanna Roca, Marc Caixas. 

Review By: Oriol Fonos, Spain

Posted on: June 08, 2016

Annapurna circut trek

“Annapurna circut trek”

Donna and I had a great experience on our trek of the Annapurna circuit.  The scenery, the trail, mountain villages, and the Nepalese people were exceptional as we expected.

Himalayan Unforgettable Adventure provided the transportation, guide, porters, meals and accommodation for this adventure of a lifetime.  Everything was taken care of for us.  In spite of fuel shortages in Nepal at the time, all of the transportation was good quality, on time and flexible to let us experience life in Nepal.

Our guide was well experienced with the Annapurna circuit, but also with other treks and climbing.  He watched us closely, set an appropriate pace and monitored our health to ensure we enjoyed the trek.  He communicated well in English and explained local history, customs and stories.  We had an excellent rapport with him and enjoyed talking and joking.

The porters carried the bulk of our gear.  They did this with ease.  They too watched over us and offered assistance. By their example, they showed us how Nepalese interact with grace and respect.  As days passed, we enjoyed more time with them.  We had lots of fun with our guide and porters.

A highlight for me was the birthday celebration they organized for me with a birthday cake. 

Himalayan Unforgettable Adventure made our experience in Nepal truly "Unforgettable". 


Review By: Bill and Donna Bauer, Canada

Posted on: November 21, 2015

Ghorepani poon hill tre

“Ghorepani poon hill tre”

When we began planning our trip to Nepal in 2015 we began to quickly realise just how many decisions we were going to need to take to put together our itinerary, not least being the extensive options available to you when travelling to such an amazing country as Nepal, but also appreciating the challenges the country had faced in the months leading up to and during our trip, earthquakes, petrol and gas shortages etc.

What we were not aware of though, until being put in contact with Durga, was the real gem of Nepal, their people. Durga was recommended to us by a friend living in Nepal, and from the very first second we contacted him to help us plan our holiday we never looked back. Durga was immediately able to balance his own challenges, be they looking after his family, helping to re-build his community after the earthquakes had devastated his home or simply running his business, with our requests for guidance and advice on how best to spend our time in his great country. Durga was always very prompt with his responses, very understanding to our requests, and always provided us with numerous options that reflected our thoughts and questions. As a result he helped us put together a trip that we will never forget.

From our first meeting with Durga in Kathmandu, through to our final goodbye, (until our next visit!), Durga could not have done more to help us feel welcome, to introduce us to Nepal, and to give us the space to enjoy our time their whilst giving us the confidence at all times that everything was in hand and we need not have to worry about a thing. Durga was always planning ahead, was always on hand if we had any questions, and his quiet and unassuming style ensured we were able to relax and enjoy our adventure with every confidence that Durga had everything in control.

Durga helped us to plan our holiday which included trekking in the Annapurna area, and should we visit that area again we'd have no hesitation asking Durga to help us once more, but as he comes from the Langtang area there's no doubt we'll be visiting there one day as well.

We will return to Nepal, and Durga will be the first person to know about it, because he'll be helping us plan our next adventure!


Review By: Simon and Caroline, British Indian Ocean Territory

Posted on: November 21, 2015

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